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The United Kingdom at Eurovision

Victories: 5

First Entered: 1957

Qualification: Big 5 – Qualifies direct to Grand Final


Believe it or not, the United Kingdom has one of the strongest records at Eurovision. They have won the contest 5 times, have placed 2nd 15 times and 3rd 3 times meaning the UK have placed in the top 3 places 23 times since the contest began.

Unfortunately the United Kingdom’s track record took a turn for the worse in 1999 and the country has only placed in the top 10 twice since then. Adding to this, the UK have placed last 4 times during this period.

There’s lots of theories as to why the UK does so poorly in the contest although my personal opinion is that the BBC have just stopped caring about Eurovision. I hope to be proved otherwise and to see an improvement in the years to come.

Greatest Hit

So many to chose from, however this is the only UK victory in my life time so is a more obvious highlight for me.

Katrina and the Waves – Love Shine A Light (1997) – Winner

Low Point

Believe it or not – I’m not going to chose Jemini, the only UK act to receive the dreaded nil points from the Eurovision vote.

Instead I’m choosing this. In a year where the UK was ready to blame Brexit for a poor performance, the entry only proved how woefully out of touch the UK entries have become. This would have been perfect in 2007, but it’s sub-par for 2019. (Michael is great though – fantastic voice!).

Editors Pick

My first Eurovision! Sonia made the United Kingdom proud in 1992 with her song ‘Better The Devil You Know’. I remember screaming at the television and feeling so much pride as the points rolled in. She finished in second place but watching the UK perform well was thrilling. I was completely gripped!

Want more? There’s a playlist for that!