About Me

Hello! My Name is Karlos International…but you can call me Karlos!

KarlosInternational.com is a travel blog like no other.

I’ve taken my main ingredients from travel and lifestyle – but I’ve added a healthy splash of the Eurovision Song Contest as the inspiration behind my travel plans.

My aim is to visit every country that has entered the Eurovision Song Contest (there’s quite a few) and to visit each and every host city along the way! This has taken me to parts of the world I never thought I’d see and is a great way to explore the world.

You don’t need to love the Eurovision Song Contest to come here! My travel guides are for everyone although there will be an added flavour of Eurovision throughout. There’ll also be some blogs that have nothing to do with Eurovision although I’ll find a link wherever I can.

Never heard of the Eurovision Song Contest? Take a look at my Eurovision 101 to find out why I love it so much.

Let me know what you think by emailing me at karl@karlosinternational.com. I’d love to hear from you!